Our Origin Story

Nullspace was founded in Singapore in 2008 by some students looking to earn some pocket money. However, soon they realised their passion in technology education and eventually built Nullspace up into one of the leading robotics education companies in Singapore.

As of today, more than a thousand students attend Nullspace coding and robotics classes yearly.

Our Vision and Mission

We believe that with the rapid advancement of technology, students of today will be living in a society infused with technology by the time they graduate.

Therefore, we aim to give our students the edge by teaching these young minds to think logically and sequentially, as well as training them to think out of the box and solve problems creatively.

Nullspace Malaysia

Clement Low

Country Manager (Malaysia)

Previously an MOE teacher, Clement joined Nullspace in early 2018, bringing his diversity of experience from pedagogy, engineering and 3D printing. During his university days, Clement was very involved with the SG maker community, where he learnt to build his own 3D printer. He subsequently designed and built his own 3D printed hydroponics farm. In his free time, Clement is also a competitive shooter, competing across three different shooting disciplines.

Oon Kwang Eng


Oon has held various executive roles for multi-national corporations covering sales, operations and commercial business management. He is passionate about people development with particular interest in technology and helping young executives develop skills for the future workspace.

Nullspace Singapore

Alan Yong

Chief Executive

Alan heads Nullspace across different business areas, having started the national IDE Series competition event in 2011, and led the setting up Centre for Robotics Learning arm in 2013. Alan previously worked as a derivatives trader and investment analyst for 3 years while managing Nullspace before deciding to leave the finance industry. He graduated with High Distinction from Singapore Management University (SMU) in Quantitative Finance in 2013, and was admitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Master of Finance program which he subsequently forfeited. Alan is a life long maker. Having first started playing with LEGO Robotics in 1999, Alan headed the school robotics team at Bukit Panjang Govt. High and Anglo-Chinese Junior College.

Edmund Koh

Chief Operating Officer

Edmund first joined robotics in 2002 and over the years, he has won multiple accolades on the national level across several robotics platforms. Graduating from leadership positions in his school's robotics club, Edmund continued contributing to the robotics community by mentoring teams through various national and international competitions. His experience as mentor motivated him to pursue a career in education. He graduated with a Diploma with Distinction in Special Education from National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore, and a Diploma in Special Education (Autism Studies) from Autism Resource Centre (ARC, Singapore). His return to the robotics scene allows him to tap on his expertise in both robotics and education to bring out the best in each and every child under his charge.

Victor Kok

Senior Manager, Marketing

Victor is an avid fan of LEGO robotics and believes that every child can excel in it with the right mindset, even without prior experience. In 2018, he coached a team that represented Singapore in the World Robot Olympiad, a prestigious LEGO robotics competition held annually in different countries. Graduating from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a BBA (Hons) degree, Victor also handles the Marketing aspect of the business.

Pang Jin jia

Senior Manager, Training & Curriculum

Having a keen interest in LEGO since young, Jin Jia joined Nullspace since 2015 as a robotics trainer. Graduating from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree did not stop him from taking that leap of faith into the robotics and engineering field. With a genuine interest in the education sector, Jin Jia hopes to make a difference in the lives of the younger generation by cultivating their interest in robotics and engineering, inspiring them to become future innovators and programmers.

Justin Tan

Product Engineer

Justin was first introduced to competitive Robotics in 2006. With a strong interest on Robotics and technology, exploring different Robotics platforms that was available fueled his curiosity. Graduating from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) under the Engineering Product Development pillar, Justin followed his interest in Robotics and had various opportunities in programming, designing and constructing an autonomous robot and different technological product solutions during his years in SUTD. Justin discovered his passion in Robotics education after his internship with Nullspace and brings along his experience with micro-controllers and product design

Jacqueline Teh

Manager, Human Resource

Jacqueline first joined Nullspace on April 2018. She graduated from Keele University in Business Management and Human Resource. As one of the beneficiary of modern Technology, she appreciates how technology eases her life by helping her to solve problems more quickly and efficiently. Not only does she have the passion in teaching, she also cultivates the interest of robotics in the students.

Nathanael Goh

Technology Instructor

Nathanael is passionate about enriching children to think creatively and to explore different ways of learning. Venturing into the robotics field, he hopes to inspire a greater interest towards technology and its application in our daily lives. He graduated with BFA(Hons) degree in Interactive Media from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

Board of Directors and Advisors

Jasper Loong


Jasper begun his robotics journey in 2002, having won numerous national accolades and managed at the helm of the robotics clubs at his alma mater, Nanyang Junior College and Anglican High School. He has also served as the Project Manager for International Robot Olympiad Committee in 2007. He founded Nullspace Robotics in 2008 and the rest is history. Jasper graduated with BSc (Hons) degree in Economics and Finance at the University of Bristol, UK.

Wee Soon Keong


Soon Keong is deeply passionate about technology education and cross-disciplinary science learning. He believes that technology and coding are important skills to everyone, from all walks of life. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) degree from Nanyang Technology University (NTU) as an NTU President Research Scholar. He also holds a Diploma with Merit in Molecular Biotechnology from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. He is currently pursuing his PhD studies at NTU, Singapore.

Timothy Teo


Timothy is a life-long enthusiast of DIY crafts and electronics. He is holds strong views on a wide variety of topics, including learning and skills development. He is in charge of expanding Nullspace's portfolio of technological services and products. He has a BBM (Magna Cum Laude, Major in Quant Finance) from Singapore Management University (SMU) and a BEng (Hons, Electrical Engineering) from National University of Singapore (NUS).

Jack Lee


Jack brings with him a strong background in competitive robotics, having won best programming in Singapore's National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC) 2004 and Championship and Best Robot Performance in NJRC 2005. He would go on to win the Championship Award (Tertiary) in Robo Grand Prix in 2010. He graduated with a Bachelor of Accountancy from Singapore Management University (SMU).