Young Inventor Programme

About the Programme

CATALYST Young Inventor Programme is developed by Nullspace to develop the next generation of young innovators and change-makers.

Students in this program will be personally mentored by our instructors to develop science and electronics projects of their choice, and to learn skills such as programming, 3D printing, and mechanical design.

Class Format

CATALYST sessions are a mixture of small group consultation, project fabrication, and idea presentations. Students will get to build their own personal portfolio website to document and showcase their projects.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To register for CATALYST, students must successfully complete Arduino Intermediate 2. During Arduino Intermediate 1 and 2 level, students will be taught how to build their personal project portfolio website to document projects that they have done so far.

Example Student Portfolio 

CATALYST: Hydroponics Project

CATALYST: Vertical Farming Project, with moisture and lighting control by Arduino

Catalyst: Robotic Arm Project