School Robotics Training Programmes

Customise a program for YOUR school!

Here are some common school robotics training programmes which we currently conduct for schools:

  • Robotics CCA/ECA trainings (preparation for competition)
  • Robotics Enrichment lessons (using LEGO EV3 Mindstorms)
  • Coding and robotics lessons using Snap4Arduino
  • Coding and robotics lessons using C programming
  • CATALYST project (Student-designed group-based project)

Duration and course content can be tailored to meet the needs of your school. Recommended Durations:

  • Short Enrichment class: 2 – 6h (1 – 3 sessions)
  • Med-length course: 6h – 12h (over 3 – 6 sessions)
  • Regular lessons: 1-2h weekly

Contact our School Programme Specialist now to customise a bespoke programme for your school!


school robotics training sri desa

Sri Desa Robotics CCA training @ C4RL-DESA

Partnership with Sri Desa

In 2019, Nullspace began a collaboration with Sri Desa ICGSE Learning Centre to educate Sri Desa students in coding and robotics. Students from Year 6 – Year 9 attend a 26-hour course every year as part of their ICT curriculum, covering basic coding on the Arduino Microcontroller platform. This programme is designed to develop these young minds to think logically and sequentially, as well as to think out of the box to solve real world problems.

Year 6: Introduction to Arduino using Snap4Arduino

  • Circuit Building
  • Drag-and-drop programming

Year 7: Arduino using C-programming

  • Basic C-programming syntax
  • Basic programming concepts (Loops, If/Else, Variables)
  • Basic sensors and outputs

Year 8:Advanced Arduino

  • Advanced programming techniques
  • Advanced sensors and output (Eg. Ultrasonic Sensor, LCD screen)
  • Mini-project

Year 9: CATALYST project

  • Student-run project based on theme
  • Regular consultation sessions with instructor
  • Presentation to school at the end of the year

Inspiring the next generation through programming games

Learning to tweak variables in programs to change colours

Founded in 2008

Nullspace Robotics is a premier robotics training agency founded in Singapore, providing quality training and consultation services for educational institutions. Our goal is educating students in science and technology through robotics. Over the years, Nullspace Robotics has coached numerous schools for robotics competitions. In 2013, the Centre for Robotics Learning (C4RL) was conceived to meet the increasing demand for private robotics enrichment classes.

Technology Literacy for All

Today Nullspace Robotics is one of the largest providers of technology education in Singapore and regionally. We provide a variety of courses such as LEGO® robotics, Arduino microcontroller, data analytics, and electronics projects. Our team comprises of a select group highly experienced and qualified trainers, many of whom represented their schools at both national and international levels.

Our team is also adept at tailoring the course requirements to fit learners of different age groups and skill levels so that all learners can progress at an optimal pace for their learning.

NRC 2018 (Team C4RL-5IVE) clinching 3 big awards

school robotics training paya lebar methodist girls school

IDE 2018 Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School with several prizes

FLL2017/2018 Champion’s Award (Primary): 1st Runner Up